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Outcomes in Higher Education

A New Accreditor Focused on
Economic Mobility


The Postsecondary Commission wants to be a new type of accreditor for outcomes-focused institutions.

The Postsecondary Commission (PSC) aspires to be a federally recognized accreditor of institutions of higher education that produce high rates of economic mobility for their students. PSC is led by a fully independent Board of Commissioners.


PSC will accredit institutions that clearly improve the economic mobility of their students.

PSC-accredited institutions will be accountable for, and transparent about, their student outcomes, especially outcomes related to the economic returns their programs generate for students. The characteristics of the institutions that PSC will accredit are described further here.


Accreditation standards, policies, and procedures define PSC’s model.

As required by US Department of Education (ED) regulations, PSC will work with partner institutions to practice, pilot and receive feedback on its accreditation model over the next several years, before submitting to ED its application for recognition. PSC will request federal recognition as an institutional accreditor with Title IV gatekeeping authority.


PSC has published its accreditation model.