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A New Accreditor for New Colleges

The Postsecondary Commission will work with new and existing colleges that produce economic mobility for their students, that are innovative in their designs, and that agree to act with transparency and be held accountable for results.

Our Priorities

The Postsecondary Commission will operate on five core principles. We will:

Specialize in Nonprofit College Startups

Insist on Economic Mobility Outcomes

Protect Students and Taxpayers

Value Innovation in College Design

Operate Free from Conflicts of Interests

Federal Recognition and Upcoming Work

Over the next several years, the Postsecondary Commission will seek federal recognition from the US Department of Education.   

In 2023, as part of that process, we will develop, seek public input on, and release our standards, protocols, and procedures for accreditation, and we will begin to work with partner colleges to implement and refine our proposed approach to accreditation. 

We will seat our Board of Commissioners and grow our staff.

We will also continue to lead conversations on issues related to our mission. We will conduct research, host gatherings, and share stories that illustrate the need for a renewed focus in US higher education and in the field of accreditation on economic outcomes, innovation, and accountability.

Follow our progress on this site and by signing up below. The Postsecondary Commission is a non-profit organization.

Working to be a federally recognized accreditor of outcomes-focused and innovative colleges.

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