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Public Comment

Submit comments on PSC’s accreditation standards, policies, and procedures here.

Submit a Comment

PSC accepts public comments related to its accreditation standards, policies, and procedures on an ongoing basis. As an aspiring accreditor, PSC does not yet have member institutions or institutions under review for comment. 

Comments must be submitted using the official comment form embedded below, and will be reviewed by PSC staff. In most circumstances, no response will be made to the commenter. If appropriate, staff may contact the commenter for clarification or additional information. Anyone may file a comment.

The Commission encourages commenters to truthfully identify themselves since it is often difficult to understand the context for the comment without this information. If the commenter does not provide true and verifiable contact information, the Commission staff may decide to disregard the comment.

For more information on how PSC processes and responds to public comments, refer to PSC’s policy on public comments.

PDF, Word, .docx, and .doc accepted