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Accreditation Materials Development

What to expect as PSC refines its accreditation model in the coming years.

The Process of Developing PSC’s Accreditation Materials

Over the next 1-2 years, PSC will continue to develop, field test, and refine its accreditation standards, policies, and procedures. Throughout the process, PSC will seek public comment, ongoing input from experts, and feedback from the institutions it accredits.

In the coming months, PSC expects to release several additional components of its Accreditation Handbook, including:

  • Compliance Criteria and Guidelines. Guidance that clarifies what institutions seeking accreditation must demonstrate in order to show compliance with PSC’s accreditation standards.

  • Value-added Earnings Protocol. Policies and technical documentation related to the implementation of PSC’s value-added earnings protocol (Standards Area 2).
  • Additional Supporting Documents: Forms, applications, and guides related to PSC’s policies and procedures that will be used by institutions.

Please check the Accreditation Handbook & Materials page of the PSC website periodically for the most updated versions of all PSC accreditation materials.