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EdWeek Q&A with Rick Hess

By Carol Rava
July 25, 2022

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American Enterprise Institute’s Rick Hess interviews Postsecondary Commission’s Stig Leschly on what’s wrong with higher education and how new colleges need to anchor the solution. Excerpts are below. Read the full interview here.

 The sector, and millions of college students, desperately need innovation, disruption, and competition from new colleges…

Accreditors essentially sidestep their responsibility of oversight. Accreditors also maintain procedures that make it almost impossible for new colleges to earn accreditation.

 I am immensely optimistic that new designs will emerge when they see a predictable path through accreditation. Many of these social entrepreneurs are veterans of charter schools, working in education, workforce-related nonprofits, or sitting administrators in existing colleges who want to design a college from scratch.

Read the full piece here.

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